52nd KOHATI Anniversary, Kohati (Corps of HMI Wati) Tanah Bumbu Thanksgiving and Struggle Evaluation

PurnamaNews.com – Pagatan Tanah Bumbu Kalsel. Islamic Students Association (HMI) commissariat of spices and Islamic Student Association, (HMI) of the Teacher committees held the 52nd anniversary of the kohati (corps of HMI wati) in the Secretariat of the HMI of the Teaching and Learning Commission (22/09/2018).

The activity aims to commemorate the birth of a 52-year-old cohate. The kohati was formed on September 17, 1966 in the solo congress, and became a great day for the kohati to date.

There was also this activity in addition to being attended by the Land Bumbu Commissariat HMI Management and the Teaching Commission Commissary HMI also attended by the Management of the first period of the HMI Land Spice Commissariat for the 2015-2017 period including Arisandi Hidayatullah, as General Chairperson and Supandi, as the Head of Professional Development in that period.

General Chairperson of the HMI Commissariat of Land Bumbu Muhlidinal Husna and General Chairperson of the HMI Teaching Commissariat Suardi expressed his appreciation to the kohati kohati in the spice land which today continues to play a role in giving birth to quality human Muslim women through the regeneration process in the Commissariat or Kohati itself, and of course appreciating the land cohorts. seasoning in preparing for the 52nd anniversary of the Cohort.

The hope of this activity is to continue to strengthen the relationship not only to the kohati but also the entire HMI extended family in Tanah Bumbu so that the existence of Muslim women with high vision on the spices continues to regenerate so that they can sustain civilization in the future for the benefit of the people and nation, delivered by the general chairman Mariatul Adawiah Commissariat Kohati when met by the media crew in the activity area.

He continued, Kohati (Corps of HMI Wati) must be able to perform taking a role to improve themselves and society by forging themselves and proceeding to become young Da’iyah with knowledge and exemplary as we know that in Islam women have a central role in creating civilization- the best civilization, great people born from great wombs too. Presumably the Kohati in the future must be a differentiator between most women, by displaying the quality of self that continues to improve the surrounding environment and specifically prepares to produce great generations in the future. Close it.

Arisandi H/Red 



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